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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Simplify Clarify Control

The banner maxim for my company, tcmc Quality Management Services, is Simplify Clarify Control. This is not just meant to look good as a catchy slogan: it is what I really try to help my clients achieve and the way I operate and do what I do.


You simplify by having a standard process for each of the value-adding steps of your core operations, ensuring that these integrate into one system that provides defined products and services.If you can identify busy work that does not add value for your customers, try to eliminate it or minimize the impact on your organization's resources.
As importantly, simplify the work environment and resources by applying 5S:
Sort: sort everything into one of Retain, Return, Rid
Straighten:  a place for everything and everything is in its place.
Scrub: clean everything regularly.
Systematize: have maintenance schedules and systems to keep it this way.
Standardize: create a culture with new habits for keeping things simple.


You clarify by ensuring that every value-adding process has assigned roles and responsibilities and that everyone in the organization clearly understands and takes pride in their own roles and responsibilities: who their customers are, who their suppliers are, why they do what they do and why that is important.
Customers and suppliers are not just external to the organization; in fact, for most employees, their customers and suppliers are within the organization itself: who is the first recipient of my work output? That is my customer. Who gives me raw material/components to assemble - whatever I have to add value to by transforming into something for my customer? That is my supplier. How do I get along with my own customers and suppliers? Is there good rapport and mutual respect?


Senior management controls by measuring and monitoring the performance of key, value-adding operational processes, setting SMART objectives that align with the strategic direction of the organization and its stated policies and mission.
SMART objectives are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Reap the reward - Quality

If you do the above for your organization - simplify, clarify and control - you should find greater predictability and quality in your products and services, less waste, improved morale and, most importantly, happier customers.

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