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Thursday, 31 July 2014

When is it a good idea to pursue ISO 9001 certification?

It' always a good idea to be ISO 9001 compliant, but when is it a good idea to take the next step and become certified?

  • Are you sometimes excluded from submitting RFPs or RFQs because you are not an ISO 9001 company?
  • Have you lost business to another company or service provider that is ISO 9001 certified?
  • Are you subject to repeated or burdensome site visits by clients or their representatives in order to be qualified or re-qualified as a supplier?
  • Have you lost business because you failed to qualify as a supplier?
  • Does your company have the self-discipline to maintain and improve its Quality Management System effectively and beneficially without the external oversight that ISO 9001 requires?

The more yes answers you provide, the stronger your case for getting certification.

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